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Dear “Final Destination” people:


Stop making movies. Please? I hated the first four movies. They’re worse than “Kidz Bop.”

Much love,


No, but seriously. If it’s called “Final” Destination, why the Hell do you keep making sequels? Why not names like:

  • The Destination
  • Possibly Another Destination
  • Is This the Final 
    • Destination?
    • No, Wait, This is the Possible Final Destination
    • Definitely the Final Destination
    • Fuck, I Was Wrong. I’m Sorry. This is the Final Destination
    • Who the Fuck Keeps Messing With the Schedule? That Was Suppose to Be the Final Destination. Stop Fucking Up the Schedule. Steve, Was it You? Fuck, Steve, You Ruin Everything. Sorry Everyone, This is the Final Destination
    • Fuck it, Steve, You’re Fired.

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After I wrote this I realized how depressing it was.

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My biggest pet peeve in sports

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Three cheers for BJ Upton.

Three homeruns on three consecutive nights.

Can I get an amen?

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My mother ~

Thinks that the world is out to get her.

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So when your team wins you’re all

And when your team loses you’re all ‘Whateva whateva we’re bosses, they cheated ~”

Meanwhile when my team wins, I’m like

And when my team loses I’m like “Damn, there’s always tomorrow I guess.”

Do you see the difference?

You’re annoying.

That is all.

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